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Application for the University Award

In order to encourage all the International students to study hard in our university, the International College decided to award the outstanding individuals and classes for their performance during the previous academic year. We arranged individual award, class award and class leader award respectively.

Concerning the individual award, all the students (except new students), including bachelor students, graduate students and Chinese language students, have the opportunity to be nominated. To be specific, candidates must come to the office and fill in one recommendation form which demands your self-evaluation towards your performance during the past academic year. Students who had the following behaviors will not be qualified for the application of the award:

1. Those who fail to obey the laws of China or the regulations of the university.

2. Those who fail to attend the class on time and fail to pass the exams.

3. Those who havení»t pay the tuition and accommodation fees in time.

Qualified students are welcomed to the office to get the application form (You can also download the form on thewebsite: on which you should narrate your performance in the past year. The deadline for application is Sep. 16th.